Self Storage Unit

Things to Consider When Using Self Storage

Self-storage is useful for so many different reasons and seasons in someone’s life. Whether it is a place to store seasonal items such as decorations or clothing you don’t need or perhaps you are in the process of moving and are needing a temporary place to store your belongings. No matter the reasons we have some things you will want to remember. 


Make sure that whatever place you choose to store your belongings that it is convenient for you. Look for storage locations that are close to your house or close to your office so you can stop at the unit on your way home or lunch break if you can’t find one close to your house. Location is important when deciding on where to rent your storage unit because you are most likely going to need some type of access to your unit and having it in an accessible location will make it easy. 

Size and Layout

Making sure when you are looking for the right storage unit that you are familiar with the sizing options available. You can ask to look at some units that are empty to get a feel for the size of one to see if it is the right fit for you. When you begin packing and loading your storage unit you will want to make sure that you have some sort of rhyme or reason for the way you pack things in. Keeping an inventory of the boxes you put in there and their whereabouts will help when you need to grab something quick. Keep things that you may need upfront and easily accessible to avoid digging. If possible try packing your unit in a U shape with a walkway so you can also get to the items and boxes in the back if you need them. 

What Not to Store

Make sure you aren’t storing things that are completely irreplaceable if lost, damaged or stolen. Though you should be the only one to have access to your unit, tragedy can strike and you don’t want things to be lost. If you do need to store things like this, make sure they are wrapped well and are on top to avoid being crushed by heavy items falling on top. Make sure you aren’t storing food to avoid rodents joining your items in your unit. Avoiding storing things in plastic bags to avoid moisture getting into them and ruining items. Additionally, try to not store personal information such as social security cards, birth certificates, passports, etc. 


Check with your storage unit to see if they offer insurance for their units, otherwise, be sure to alert your homeowners or renter insurance provider to let them know that you have items off-site of your house. This will help protect you in case of flooding, fire, earthquakes, theft and any other things that could potentially go wrong at your storage unit. 

Whether you’re storing your items for a short time or a long time you want to make sure they’re in the best place they can be if it’s not your home. Make sure you find the best storage rental for you that is in the best location for your needs. When packing and loading your storage unit, make sure you implement a strategic plan whether it be the way you pack your boxes or if it’s the way you load them into the unit, knowing what is where will make it easy for when you need to access the boxes. Make sure your items are safe by only storing things that aren’t overly personal with important information and getting insurance on your unit in case tragedy strikes. 

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