Security camera on wallHere at Red E Storage, your safety and security is our top priority. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and secure while you are here, especially when you’re here after hours. 

One of the main concerns that people express to us is how secure their belongings will be while they are residing in one of our storage units. We realize that this is a valid concern—it is always difficult to trust an individual or organization with your possessions (especially valuable ones). With complete customer satisfaction as our top priority, we have put into place various security measures to make sure that all of our customers’ belongings will be protected against damage and theft while they are in our care. Here are some of the steps we take to protect your belongings.

On-Site Management

All of our locations are under 24/7 surveillance by security guards. The opportune time for would-be thieves is at night when visibility is low and they think that nobody is around. This is why it is especially important for someone to be there during that time. When you trust us with your belongings, you can rest easy, knowing that we are always working hard to keep your belongings safe.

Security Cameras

We also have security cameras in place so no corner of our facility goes unwatched. For our customers, this means that we are always keeping an eye on your belongings, making sure that the only people accessing your storage unit are you and people you have allowed access.

If something ever were to happen, the cameras would be there to enable our security guards to be aware of what is happening so they can take the necessary measures to manage it. In the event of a robbery, we would have video evidence of what happened.

High-Quality Storage Unit Doors

Storage unit door lockOur high-quality doors do well to prevent the two fears people have: theft and weather-related damages. The doors we use for all of our units are strong and durable, and they seal tightly at the bottom. This protects your items from would-be intruders, pests, and severe weather such as rain or snow. In short, this means that nothing (including water, people, belongings, and other creatures) enters or exits your storage unit without your consent.

Gated Entrance

We installed a gated entrance to help us control and keep track of who is coming into and out of our location. All of our customers are given a custom code that enables them to enter the facility in their vehicle. They are encouraged never to share the password with anybody except the people they want accessing the storage unit. In addition to making it much more difficult for intruders to access the facility, it also helps us keep accurate records of who is visiting our location and when.

On-Site Office Manager

Have questions? Concerns? Comments? We want to do our best to anticipate your needs so you have an enjoyable time storing with us. But we understand that we can’t anticipate every question you have, and you deserve to have any issues resolved in a timely manner. Our on-site manager is available to you, on location, 24 hours a day. That’s right, one of our office managers will always be there, not just during regular business hours. No matter the question, no matter the time, we’re there for you.

Conveniently located

The location of your storage unit is an important factor as you decide what storage unit facility to choose. Having a storage unit conveniently located near a freeway exit means that it’s safer; a unit that is placed far out of the way is less likely to be surveilled as heavily, which makes it a less safe option. We’re located right off of the Bluffdale 14600 I-15 exit.

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