RV driving on roadPeople often express to us their frustration with the inconvenience of storing Boats, RVs, and seasonal equipment in the average storage unit. More often than not, large storage units are limited or ill-designed. This made dropping off and retrieving vehicles a nightmare, but leaving them at home meant taking the risk of theft or exterior damage. We’ve shared in your frustrations, and that’s we continue to make it a top priority of Red E Storage to simplify your Boat & RV storage needs, and in turn, your life.

Extra-Large Units

We understand the need for storage units to be as large as your life. Our units are designed for more than just a room’s worth of belongings or even a compact car. By offering 12-feet wide units, we’ve made it easier to place your valuable recreational equipment into a unit with little effort and without risking damage to the vehicle itself. 

Incredible Security

Red E Storage wants to make it simple for you to retrieve your belongings, not others. With top of the line security equipment, 24-hour onsite management, high-quality storage unit doors, and a gated entrance, we keep the intruders out so your belongings can stay safe. When it comes to your valuables, the highest levels of protection is our goal. Whether that means protection from the elements or theft, you’ll pick up recreational items as pristine as you left them.

Wide Lanes

Extra-large storage units mean little to nothing without wide lanes to accommodate entering and exiting Red E with ease. Our storage units are unique; dropping off or picking up your large vehicles won’t require the extra time to maneuver into just the right position. With wider lanes, it takes minimal effort to back into your unit space, hitch up your vehicle, or drive it directly out of the facility.

Need Convenient Storage for Your Boat or RV?

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Tired of leaving large vehicles in your carport or driveway? Look no further than Red E Storage to keep your items securely stored until the day you need them. Our well-maintained facility, spacious lanes, and convenient location make it easier than ever to drop off and pick up your vehicles whenever you need them. If you’re ready to store with the best that Sandy, Utah has to offer, give us a call today!