How to Choose the Correct Size Storage Unit

Maybe you are at that crossroads in life when you are preparing for a move to another home, or you are intending to downsize, or perhaps you are about to start renovations on your existing home. This major life transition is prompting you to consider storage options for your valuable possessions and treasured keepsakes.

You don’t want to choose just any storage company. There is too much at stake when you consider how valuable and cherished your personal belongings are. The last thing you need is to incur damage to your valuables during a move.

That is where Red-E-Storage comes in. At Red-E-Storage, we offer myriad sizes of storage units. And we have storage units that are climate-controlled, secure, and well-guarded. We know that you want plenty of options in storage sizes to accommodate your specific and unique needs. And that is exactly what we provide with our many diverse size storage units.

There is much riding on your decision for selecting a storage facility. Too big a unit means your items will be loose and fall, and possibly break, while a smaller unit could result in your stuff being crammed and damaged, as well.

That is why we at Red-E-Storage want to offer you some practical and simple guidelines for deciding which size storage unit will be right for your unique storage situation.

Preliminary Steps to Selecting the Right Storage Unit

We suggest you compile a list of what you want to pack for your move so you don’t forget anything. You might also think about future needs. If you believe you might be adding items to the storage unit down the line, then keep that in mind for future storage capacity.

You also want to evaluate the size and shapes of your personal items before you pack them. For example, some boxed items will stack on top of each other, while other items could be too heavy or awkward in shape. They will need their own space in storage.

Try using a tape measure to figure out how much storage space you will require during your move. You might use a variety of types of containers or boxes to determine the most effective and efficient way to store all of your possessions.

You should also consider the weight of your boxes and containers. Find out in advance how much storage space you will need by packing your personal items and stacking them together. Then, you can get a more accurate sense of how much space you will need in your storage unit.

After you have calculated the shapes and sizes of your soon-to-be-stored items, you must allow for enough extra space. This supplemental space is for possible later contingencies, as well as for ventilation. You will need sufficient walkways so you are able to get to your personal items quickly and easily. For items you will have to access frequently, you might want to leave space in the unit for an aisle.

Accessing Storage Unit Sizes

10-foot by 10-foot Storage Unit (100 square feet)

Consider this. A typical bedroom measures 10 feet by 12 feet, which means a 10-foot by 10-foot unit will accommodate a bedroom or a small, one-car garage. This size unit can also contain two-bedroom sets, including mattresses, nightstands, bed frames, and dressers.

You should choose a larger size unit if you need to store furniture from a family room, kitchen, and dining room, alongside your bedroom items.

10-foot by 15-foot Storage Unit (150 square feet) or 10-foot by 20-foot Storage Unit (200 square feet)

If you live in a more spartan style dwelling, with fewer possessions than the average person, then you may opt for a 10-foot by 15-foot unit. This space is comparable to a standard one-car garage. You can likely hold three full-bedrooms’ worth of furniture, along with several boxes, and a few bulky items, like a couch or a piano.

Keep in mind that you are better off going bigger if you are not sure how storage unit space will match with your stuff.

10-foot by 30-foot Storage Unit (300 square feet)

This is among our larger storage units at Red-E-Storage. It is comparable to a one-and-a-half car garage. This size storage unit can contain contents of an average four-to-five-bedroom home that includes the beds, appliances, furniture, a dining room set, and at least several boxes of personal belongings.

This size of storage unit is ideal for those of you moving from a large house and downsizing to a smaller home. This storage unit allows you to keep extra furniture and appliances in storage while you furnish your new home.

20-foot by 20-foot Storage Unit (400 square feet)

This size storage unit gives you a huge amount of space to store personal belongings and furniture from a large home, as in contents from a five-to-six-bedroom house. You have plenty of options for storage with this extra-wide storage unit. Again, you can keep extra furniture and appliances in storage while you furnish your new home.

Red-E-Storage is Your First Choice for Storage

Whatever the occasion that you find yourself needing storage, you’re smart to go with Red-E-Storage for a reliable, secure, and well-guarded storage facility for your cherished belongings! Red-E-Storage is the best solution for securing your personal items, no matter how big or small.

Why Red - E - Storage?

At Red-E-Storage, we have you covered for any of your storage needs, whether it involves storing with us during a move or storing an RV during the off-season. Red-E-Storage is one of the top providers of storage units for personal and business use throughout the Salt Lake County, Utah area.

Red-E-Storage stands out from the competition with our signature extra-wide units! In contrast to most storage facilities that offer 10-foot-wide units, Red-E-Storage provides its customers with 12-foot wide units. Our customers enjoy the advantage of being able to back a trailer into our extra-wide units, while offering much more storage space.

Red-E-Storage has been serving the storage needs of residents and businesses throughout Salt Lake County for more than two decades. See why self-storage with Red-E-Storage is the right choice!

  • Prepare your unit for storage by putting plastic on the floor of the area where you will be storing you belongings. This will help to keep your storage clean and dry. Be sure to leave a little space on each side for the door and walls. While all of our units are weather proof, it’s always smart to take extra precautions.
  • You can better maximize the space in your unit by purchasing same-size boxes. This will allow easier stacking. Be sure heavier boxes are located near the bottom and lighter boxes on top of the heavier boxes.
  • The order of your storage matters. When storing small or light items, be sure that they are stored in the back of the unit. It’s easier to move the heavier objects last.
  • It is common to place items on sofas and chairs to help make better use of a storage area. However, this may damage the upholstery. Be sure that you do not store anything that could possibility damage the upholstery on your sofas or chairs. Even if the upholstery does not appear damaged after storage, it may have weakened the fabric. This will save your furniture from unnecessary damage and wear.
  • When preparing your home for moving, be sure to put everything in boxes. Use uniform sizes of boxes and stack them shoulder high to maximize your total storage space.
  • Leave a small air space between the goods stored and the storage unit walls. This makes moving and finding your stuff easier. It is a good idea to invest in some plastic storage containers for your more valuable items.
  • If possible, do not put anything on your furniture. Furniture typically has a finished surface that can be scratched or ruined. Sometimes it is necessary to get a larger storage unit in order to avoid over packing.
  • Be sure that your mattresses, sofas, and chairs are protected with plastic covers. This is especially true for long storage periods.
  • It is a good idea to put a plastic cover over your entire unit once you are finished moving everything in, so as to reduce damage from dust.
  • A lock is one thing you don't want to save money on. Be sure to buy a quality lock and make sure that your unit door is closed. Round, stainless steel locks are usually significantly stronger than traditional padlocks.
  • It is a good idea to get insurance on your unit. Ask the manager at Red E Storage about insurance options. Your storage may not be covered by your home-owner policy.
  • Be sure you have strong boxes and that you pack into an empty space. It is typically a good idea to have some type of filler that will give support to the boxes if needed.
  • Use a permanent marker to indicate what is in each box before they are closed.
  • How to storage appliances: Use tape and secure all swinging doors in the closed position. Take paper and wrap each item so that it can withstand moving and storage.
  • Check to make sure that there is not water in appliances such as washers or steaming mops. Freezing temperatures can damage these appliances.
  • Many people have books, and they can get heavy fast. Pack all books in small boxes. If you use large boxes, you will end up putting too many books in a box and it will break. Keep boxes below about 30 pounds.
  • Before trying to transport a dresser, make sure that the drawers have been removed. Utilize your dresser drawers by putting stuff inside of them. It is a good idea to store easily breakable objects in dressers because of the extra support provided by dresser frames.
  • Keep your chairs and the chair legs wrapped. Use slipcovers on chairs.