man prepares RV for storage

Perfectly Prep Your RV for Storage

It’s only the beginning of September, which means you still have an ample amount of time to take an adventure in your trusted RV before it’s time to say farewell during the Utah winter. If you’ve only ever stored your camper or RV in a carport or on your property, it might be a foreign thought to keep your RV in a secure storage unit. However, it’s a great way to make some extra room in your driveway and keep expensive gear safe from damage or even theft. Obviously, when storing anything that you want to immediately start up when ideal weather conditions come back around, you’ll need to prep your vehicle right, before you store it long-term. Here are some of our favorite tips we’ve gathered from those who store their seasonal equipment and RV’s at Red E. 

Waterproof It!

Waterproofing your RV matters, even if it’s being stored in a secure storage unit. Check the seals around each window and entry to make sure that seals are clean and intact. With frequent changes in Utah’s winter weather, humidity levels can change drastically, leading to unwanted moisture coming through damaged and cracked seals. This can even mean coming back to an RV that, at best, has a musty scent and at worst, has interior mold damage. If you see cracks in your seals or they are brittle, replace them before you put your vehicle in storage. 

Remove the Battery

No matter if your seasonal vehicle is meant to be used on land or on water, make sure to remove the battery before you leave it resting for a season. It may seem tedious now, but it will save your battery from possible corrosion from moisture and battery drainage. All in all, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to reattach your battery before your next adventure, but it can be time-consuming to clean or purchase an entirely new one.

Autumn Cleaning

Sure, we spring clean our RV’s before we take them out on the open road, but do you also do an “autumn cleaning”? Make sure to leave your RV speck and span before you put it away. Be sure to empty the RV of any food products, turn off the refrigerator, and remove propane tanks. Don’t forget to leave your fridge door open after you’ve switched it off. By letting your fridge reach room temperature before you close the door, you’ll keep mold issues at bay.

Don’t Forget the Tailpipe

It can be easy to forget that the tailpipe of your RV needs special attention too. A quality storage unit should keep small, pesky animals away from the interior of your RV, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Use a thick cloth or even steel wool to stuff the opening on the tailpipe. Critters won’t be tempted to make a nest there if they can’t get in. 

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