Guide to Moving With a Pet

Moving is a stressful experience no matter what. Complicating it with children or pets can make it just a little more stressful. It’s hard to explain to your pet why you are moving and why things are so disorganized, so there’s a high chance that your pet will feel confused during the entire process. Pets get easily stressed if there is a change to their environment. The best thing to do will vary depending on your pet, and at the end of the day, you know what is best for them! Here are our tips to move with your pet and stress them out as little as possible. Keep your pet away from the chaos   The best thing to do is to keep your pet with a friend or an overnight pet babysitter during the move, so they don’t have to be around the move until everything is done and they are ready to come to their new home. If this isn’t an option, another great option is to keep them in a room that won’t need to be accessed during the move. Empty out a room and leave them there with their bed, food, and water, or you can leave them in their kennel, if that would give them more of a sense of normalcy. Try to avoid having people walking in and out of the room the dog is in, to keep them as stress free as possible. Make sure to still take them out and on walks at the times you normally would. Keeping as much of their normal routine as possible will help things go smoother!   Bring your pet with you in your car   If your pet does well in the car with you, bring them in your car. Being able to see and hear you will make them feel a little less stressed.   Don’t let your pet out until you’re there   Unless you are moving across states and need to let your pet out of the car to use the bathroom, you should avoid letting your pet out to roam until you are at the new home. Since they will be in a new neighborhood, they could get lost a lot easier, so make sure you don’t let them out without a leash.   Keep them secluded during the move   Move everything else in the house before your pet. Before bringing them into the house, have a room set up to welcome them, with their blanket or favorite toys to let them know that this place is home.

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