3 Things You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Storage Unit

A self storage unit can serve a multitude of purposes. Many people use a storage unit as a temporary solution as they are in the middle of a big move or life transition. It’s also great for people who don’t have a lot of space in their home, and want an inexpensive place to store all of their seasonal items. And other people choose to use their storage unit as a hub for their small business. No matter your reasoning for needing a storage unit, there are a few rules you have to keep in mind, specifically, on what things you should and shouldn’t store in your storage unit. You can keep almost anything in your storage unit, but here are a few things that you absolutely shouldn’t keep in your storage unit. Pets or any living thing   Leaving your pet in your storage unit is not only cruel, it’s also against the law. It’s not a suitable place to store your pet while you’re out of town, no matter how much food and water you leave for your pet. Under no circumstances are you allowed to leave any sort of pet in your storage unit, for any period of time.   Perishable items   Leaving perishable items in your storage unit is leaving an open invitation to pests to enter all of your belongings. We try really hard to keep all of our storage units clean and pest free, and we can’t have anyone storing perishable food items in their storage unit. Not only will it affect your unit, but it will affect the entire facility. In addition, as your food rots, it will create a pretty nasty smell.   Flammable items   Hazardous and flammable items have no place in your storage unit, and unfortunately, is something we run into far too often. Things such as illegal drugs, biological waste, toxic waste, oil, gasoline, and fertilizer cannot be stored in your storage unit under any circumstances. Simply put, it isn’t safe and we cannot be held liable for damages that are caused by these sorts of materials being stored in our facility. In addition, when you decide to bring these things into your storage unit, it affects everyone else who has storage units around you. Overall, it’s a bad idea and unfortunately can get you into a lot of trouble if we find out that these items have been stored in your storage unit.

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