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Tips to Store Sports Equipment

Balls, bats, bikes, and running shoes are just the tip of the iceberg where sports equipment is concerned. It’s not uncommon to find them taking over your storage space. Because they’re oddly shaped, sporting goods can be difficult to organize into limited space. But the good news is there are some simple solutions to make storing your sports equipment a walk in the park.

Before You Store

How you store your sports equipment has a lot to do with how long it’s going to last you. You’ve probably made a significant investment into your sporting goods, so get your money’s worth by taking good care of it. Before you store your sports equipment, you need to make sure it’s clean and dry. Dirt and moisture can eat away at leather, wood, and other materials, which can leave your equipment in worse condition when you pull it out than when you stored it. Use a clean, damp towel or antibacterial wipes to wipe everything down and remove any excess dirt. Leave it out to dry for a couple of hours before you put it away.

Get it Up Off the Floor

When you toss your sports equipment onto the storage unit floor, it gets exposed to dirt and dampness that can cause damage. It’s also hazardous to have these things lying around because people could trip on them. Having it lying around is a sure way to have it all mixed up and shuffled, which will make it hard to find things when you need them. If you want to make it to the big game on time and looking your best, get your sports equipment up off the floor for storage. 

Using a wall-mounted storage system to hang your sports equipment is a great way to keep it clean and organized. The different hooks and fasteners available will work well for oddly shaped items like bats, skis and rackets. There are even heavy-duty hooks available that are suitable for hanging bikes. Balls and frisbees can be stored in a large barrel or hung on the wall in a mesh bag. The key is to have your equipment in a space with ample airflow to keep everything functioning properly and smelling its best.

Group items together that are used for the same activities to make it easier to find things. For items that aren’t easily hung on a wall, like camping gear, use large plastic bins that can be neatly stacked and easily accessed. Just be sure not to pack things away too tightly and leave the lids off of bins until everything is properly dried before storing.

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