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A Guide to Moving Antique Items

Packing up your whole life and moving to a new home can come with a quite a laundry list of headaches and complications. Nothing adds to these moving stresses like finding out that some of your possessions were damaged in the move. However, it’s a whole lot worse when the thing that breaks is something that matters more to you than a stack of plates or or any ordinary household item, particularly if that item is practically irreplaceable. This is commonly found when people need to move antiques, as they often have some personal significance to the owner, and can be quite rare. Here are some tips to remember for your antiques when moving time rolls around…

Identify, Appraise, and Insure

Most of the work that goes into moving should be preparation. Ideally, if you’ve thought everything through and prepared enough, moving day should be pretty smooth and relatively simple (just loading up the trucks and carting everything to your new home!). This is especially true for antique items. Well before moving day, make a list of the items that qualify as antiques, or have a personal significance to you. Once you’ve got your list, have an appraiser come and give you a value for each of them, so that you can give this information to our moving team and get these items insured. While our professional team works tirelessly to protect you and your property, it’s always better to err on the side of safety.

Always Pack with Protection

If you’ve alerted our team which items are antiques and especially valuable, we’ll be especially conscious to keep those items safe. However, before our movers show up, take some extra precautions and pack each item with an ample amount of protection. Pack your small valuables together and wrap them in bubble wrap and newspaper, and then make sure that the box has some extra foam around the top and bottom, to prevent impact damage. For larger items, use furniture pads to keep them safe, but also beware of furniture pads leaving imprints or rubbing away polish on antique wood.

Keep Tabs on the Moving Process

For items that you especially care about, especially larger ones, it might be a good idea to be present during the moving of those particular items. While our professional moving team knows how to handle valuables and personal property, this helps you have peace of mind and puts you in a position to alert a member of our team if certain procedures need to be followed when moving.

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