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3 Ways a Storage Unit Helps Your Small Business

Many small businesses use our storage facility in order to help them function better. A storage unit is often a great boost to bridge that gap between a small and a mid-size operation. It gives you flexibility and farther reach without greatly increasing your overhead costs. Here are three major ways that a storage unit can help your small business:

Lowering Travel Costs

Many mobile service-based businesses spend a lot of time traveling from one location to another. Coordinating appointments and equipment can be a job in and of itself. If your business is primarily located far away from a major interchange, you might find yourself spending a lot more money and time than you need to going back and forth between service areas and your primary location. Instead, many businesses set up a sort of way station in a facility much like ours. This can be storage for the vehicle itself, or give you a space to store extra equipment and restock gear. Our convenient location right off the I-15 straddles Utah County and Salt Lake County, making it ideal for businesses that offer services to two of Utah’s most populous areas.

Minimal Workspace Clutter

When you’re still setting up business, it’s natural to have odds and ends around. However, many office spaces quickly become overwhelmed with all the extra equipment. You might get used to having extra boxes of files everywhere, but it’s still impeding your business’ growth. For one thing, it limits your front-facing space. Just as you dress the part when you have an important business meeting, your office needs to look professional and polished when clients and important business contacts come to meet with you or your team. Relocating extra things off-site can greatly improve your business’ image. Secondly, science has shown that we’re more productive and focused when we’re in a space free of unnecessary distractions. A clean, uncluttered environment allows us to do our best work.

Lower Overhead

As a small business, you’re always looking for ways to cut the budget back. A storage unit allows you to keep your overhead minimal. How? Well, most of all, it means that you can spend less rent on office space. Instead of storing certain items on-site, you can keep them in a storage unit off-site, which will cost significantly less rent than the same space in an office zone. Some businesses even opt to set up their storage unit as a workspace for non-office tasks. If your small business is in need of a storage unit in Salt Lake or Utah County, give us a call today.

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